XM Education

Trading - The Technical Analyst’s Approach

22 JAN 3:45 PM

Technical analysts predict future price movements based on past price action of a particular stock or currency. In this webinar you’ll learn the logic behind technical analysis and why it works. You’ll get a basic introduction to Dow Theory, understand the technical approach to trading the markets and gain insights into the psychology behind price patterns.

  • Understand the philosophy of technical analysis
  • Identify key technical trading styles.
  • Come to appreciate the importance of trends
  • Discuss the differences between intraday, swing, long term and range trading styles.


Trading - The Fundamental Analyst’s Approach

21 JAN 5:00 PM

There are major fundamental forces at work that drive the financial markets. Learn to make the most of geo-political events and gain a deeper understanding of the global economy. Find out which are the key macroeconomic indicators used to monitor a nation’s economic activity. Particular emphasis will be placed on the fundamental approach to trading the markets and understanding what drives demand and supply.

  • Identify key macroeconomic news events
  • Understand what drives demand and supply
  • Identify the key fundamentals in the markets to follow
  • Understand how interest rate differentials affect currencies.


Basic Concepts of Trends

23 JAN 3:45 PM

You’ve heard the phrase “The trend is your friend”. During this session we will identify key components which make “good friends”. This is a must for beginners and good revision for seasoned traders. The seminar will focus on trend identification - the best way to make money in the markets.

  • Understand crowd psychology
  • Identify uptrends, downtrends
  • Identify ranges or sideways movements
  • Learn to spot the opportunities in time to action them.


Introduction to Trend Reversal Patterns

24 JAN 3:45 PM

Add more tools to your technical toolkit during this webinar when you learn the major trend reversal patterns that have been identified throughout history. From Dow’s Head and Shoulder or Double Top to Elliot’s ABC to Gann’s Swing, you’ll get a unique perspective on how and when markets reverse.

  • Determine different types of major reversal formations
  • Apply measuring techniques to identify targets
  • Identify market turning points, major patterns and their key levels
  • Grow your skills in identifying price patterns.


Major Continuation Patterns

25 JAN 3:45 PM

A strong trend is more likely to continue rather than to reverse. During this webinar, we’ll be looking at trend continuation patterns in order to take full advantage of strong trending markets and avoid false reversal signals.br />

  • Understand the need for a trend correction
  • Identify major continuation patterns in the markets
  • Apply measuring techniques to identify targets
  • Enhance your confidence to follow the right trend.


Momentum Indicators/Oscillators

28 JAN 3:45 PM

In this session you will learn the theory of momentum indicators and how they are constructed. These indicators (or oscillators) are your best ally when the markets are moving sideways with no clear direction. However, their use is not limited to range trading but also extends to trending markets as well. You’ll learn how to analyse and interpret their signals in three separate ways.

  • Understand the theory and construction of momentum indicators
  • Recognise the workings of IMI, RSI and Price ROC
  • Appreciate the value of indicators during sideways market movements
  • Analyse indicators in three dimensions.


Support and Resistance - Part I

29 JAN 3:45 PM

Knowing how to identify support and resistance points on your charts is priceless! In this webinar you’ll learn what they mean and what causes these points. You’ll be able to identify key levels across a multitude of timeframes and develop the foundations to technically analyse markets.

  • Understand the importance of support and resistance levels
  • Know what is happening behind support and resistance levels
  • Determine key price levels on any chart
  • Identify which levels are more important than others.


Support and Resistance - Part 2: Projection (Fibonacci Magic)

29 JAN 5:00 PM

Whether Fibonacci works because it’s magic or because everyone is using it is not for us to wonder. During this webinar we will build on the foundations of part 1 and see how we can use Fibonacci retracements, projections, fans and arcs to spot future support and resistance levels. You’ll learn to apply professional techniques to identify key levels with high probability.

  • Enhance your knowledge of support and resistance
  • Understand the secrets of using Fibonacci
  • Outline key levels on any timeframe
  • Determine key future levels of support and resistance.


Introduction to Japanese Candlesticks Patterns

30 JAN 3:45 PM

Japanese Candlestick charts are the heart and soul of trading using technical analysis. If you know candles you can find ‘tops’ and ‘bottoms’ in the market allowing you to identify at which price level to enter the market and at which to exit. In this webinar you’ll learn the fundamental concepts of candlestick charts and how they can be used for successful trading of the markets.

  • Recognise the major Candlestick patterns formations
  • Identify reversal and continuation candles
  • Enhance your chart reading ability
  • Determine the correct market tops and bottoms.


Trading the Ichimoku Kinko Hyo

31 JAN 3:45 PM

Ichimoku Kinko Hyo translates into "one look equilibrium chart". At first glance, this technical indicator can seem daunting but we’ll teach you how easy it is to use this all-in-one, versatile Japanese indicator. You’ll appreciate how one indicator can define support and resistance, identify trend direction, gauge momentum and provide buy and sell signals.

  • Look at a chart and know at a glance whether to buy or sell
  • Appreciate the importance of Kumo
  • Identify weak buy and sell signals
  • Identify strong buy and sell signals.