XM Education

Basic Concepts of Trends

12 DEC 3:45PM

You’ve heard the phrase “The trend is your friend”. During this session we will identify key components which make “good friends”. This is a must for beginners and good revision for seasoned traders. The seminar will focus on trend identification - the best way to make money in the markets.

  • Understand crowd psychology
  • Identify uptrends, downtrends
  • Identify ranges or sideways movements
  • Learn to spot the opportunities in time to action them.


Introduction to Trend Reversal Patterns

13 DEC 3:45PM

Add more tools to your technical toolkit during this webinar when you learn the major trend reversal patterns that have been identified throughout history. From Dow’s Head and Shoulder or Double Top to Elliot’s ABC to Gann’s Swing, you’ll get a unique perspective on how and when markets reverse.

  • Determine different types of major reversal formations
  • Apply measuring techniques to identify targets
  • Identify market turning points, major patterns and their key levels
  • Grow your skills in identifying price patterns.


Major Continuation Patterns

14 DEC 3:45 PM

A strong trend is more likely to continue rather than to reverse. During this webinar, we’ll be looking at trend continuation patterns in order to take full advantage of strong trending markets and avoid false reversal signals.

  • Understand the need for a trend correction
  • Identify major continuation patterns in the markets
  • Apply measuring techniques to identify targets
  • Enhance your confidence to follow the right trend.