XM Education

Trend Reversals

27 Mar 5:00 PM

In this webinar we will combine all previous trend reversal (failure swing) patterns we’ve learnt into one price formation signaling short term trend reversals in the market. The ability to spot an upcoming trend reversal is a huge advantage to trading the markets. We’ll be looking at live market examples using Tradepedia’s automated software, the Avramis Swing, to help you practice identifying trend reversal patterns in real-time..

  • Understand the price action under study
  • Determine the highest and lowest price under study
  • Identify when the market is changing direction
  • Enhance your ability to trade market reversals.


Major Continuation Patterns

03 Apr 5:00 PM

A strong trend is more likely to continue rather than to reverse. During this webinar, we’ll be looking at trend continuation patterns in order to take full advantage of strong trending markets and avoid false reversal signals.

  • Understand the need for a trend correction
  • Identify major continuation patterns in the markets
  • Apply measuring techniques to identify targets
  • Enhance your confidence to follow the right trend.


Trend Indicators

10 Apr 5:00 PM

By now we know that identifying trends is vital to successful trading. In this webinar, you’ll learn the most effective indicators to help you identify trends. You’ll get a thorough understanding of how to use Moving Averages (MA) which, as a trend following indicator, smoothens out price irregularities giving you a clearer picture of a trend. And, you’ll see how the momentum indicator, Moving Average Convergence/Divergence (MACD), reveals changes in the direction, duration and strength of a trend.

  • Understand the theory and construction behind MA and MACD
  • Learn the different types of MAs and their application
  • Understand the theory of MACD construction
  • Interpret the MACD “grandfather” signal