XM Education

Major Continuation Patterns

16 NOV 3:45PM

A strong trend is more likely to continue rather than to reverse. During this webinar, we’ll be looking at trend continuation patterns in order to take full advantage of strong trending markets and avoid false reversal signals.

  • Understand the need for a trend correction
  • Identify major continuation patterns in the markets
  • Apply measuring techniques to identify targets
  • Enhance your confidence to follow the right trend.


Momentum Indicators/Oscillators

19 NOV 3:45PM

In this session you will learn the theory of momentum indicators and how they are constructed. These indicators (or oscillators) are your best ally when the markets are moving sideways with no clear direction. However, their use is not limited to range trading but also extends to trending markets as well. You’ll learn how to analyse and interpret their signals in three separate ways.

  • Understand the theory and construction of momentum indicators
  • Recognise the workings of IMI, RSI and Price ROC
  • Appreciate the value of indicators during sideways market movements
  • Analyse indicators in three dimensions.