frequently asked questions

Who are we?

Fxrebateservice.com is an English rebate service providing company for Forex traders. The operation of our company is based on the principle that part of brokerage commission is returned to the traders at the end of the month. This will enhance the trader's profit. Our aim was to provide innovative solutions and high quality services to our clients. We support our clients and keep track of the evolving needs so that we can provide them the best possible service. Be our partner so that we can achieve bigger success together in the world of Forex.

How can I join the rebate program?

First of all register on our website for free. Then through ’My Account’ open a real account with the xm.com broker. If you have received the confirmation e-mail, please send us your customer number, so that we can activate your account in the rebate program. Please do not send your password to us. We recommend that you send your account number before depositing your money. Now you are ready to trade.

How can I sign up?

Registration on our website is free. You can do it on fxrebateservice.com 's home page, or by clicking on the given link. The service is not available to European customers. Your data is treated securely and they are not disclosed to third parties.

How can I open a new trading account?

After logging in you can open a new trading account through "My Account" menu by clicking on the "real account opening"button. If you have not registered on fxrebateservice.com, please do it, and then log in so that you can open a new trading account. Once you have opened a new account add your account number to our system through "My Account". Here, in order to distinguish between accounts, enter a name for the account.

What shall I do if I already have a trading account at xm.com?

Even if you already have a trading account at xm.com, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the rebates offered by Fx Rebate Service too. All you have to do is register on fxrebateservice.com and open an account through "My Account" menu item. After you have provided us your new account data we activate your rebate of your new account in our system. After that, you just need to transfer your money from your old account to your new account in the internal system of XM and you can start trading so that you can qualify for rebates of Fx Rebate Service.

If I open an account through fxrebateservice.com, am I still entitled to the promotional offers of XM as well?

Yes, we currently have an agreement with XM according to which bonuses can be activated also on accounts which were opened based on our recommendations. Unlike other cash back forex companies, we offer you a 50%+20% (Up to $5000) deposit bonus or the current initial bonus. (The XM.com promotional offers may vary by region.)

If I have an initial or loyalty bonus on my existing account, what happens to that when I open an account and I transfer this amount to it?

Currently, in case of internal transfers the bonuses of funds will also get transferred to the new account. Therefore opening a new account through fxrebateservice.com does not involve any loss.

Under what conditions can I participate in promotions offered by Fx Rebate Service?

Customer satisfaction is our top priority therefore we offer a variety of extra bonuses on fxrebateservice.com. The deals offered by us are available only to registered fxrebateservice.com users who meet the requirements. Our promotions are provided by Fx Rebate Service and they are notconnected to the bonuses offered by xm.com. therefore XM’s responsibility is entirely excluded.

How does accounting happen?

We update your results 24 to 48 hours following the end of the trading day. The minimum daily trading volume is the standard 0.01 lot. A lower daily trading volume cannot be accounted for, as we obtain the accounting from XM in standard lots.

What kind of rebate can I receive based on my trading?

After closing each position which was held for longer than 5 minutes on the Standard and the Micro accounts is $8.88 /standard lot (For accounts opened after 1/12/2018) for all currencies and silver this will be accounted in the system of Fx Rebate Service.
For the Zero accounts this will be $3 /standard lot for all currencies, gold and silver.
24 to 48 hours following the closing of the day the accounted amount will appear in your statistics.

New ULTRA LOW account type will be accounted according to PDF .
Since we obtain the statement of account from XM in standard lots the minimum daily accounting standard lot size is 0.01. For example the daily trading below 0.1 lot on the Micro account cannot be accounted for technical reasons, as the lowest record of our system is a USDCent. The fxrebateservice.com entire offer can be found on this link link (PDF).

Where can I check my rebate account?

Sign in fxrebateservice.com ’ website and in the “My Account” menu you can check your current account and the amounts which have been closed and can be withdrawn. The amount which can be withdrawn shows the closed months and the amounts which have not been withdrawn yet.

What rebate applies to gold and silver trading?

On the Standard and the Micro accounts is $10 /standard lot for gold trades, silver trades is $8.5/standard lot this will be accounted in the system of Fx Rebate Service. For the Zero accounts this will be $3 /standard lot for gold and silver. The tradings of the previous months cannot be added. Gold / silver trading is included in the rebate if it was more than 5 minutes between the opening and closing.

What shall I do if I experience discrepancy in the accounts?

Our customer's satisfaction and trust is top priority. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us by support@fxrebateservice.com e-mail address. Please send it to us, where you have found the discrepancy, and please attach the invoice history of the disputed period. Our colleague will contact you within 24 hours.

Where are the statistics of my accounts?

You can check your account on fxrebateservice.com website under "My Account" menu at the statistics. Choose the trading account, the details of which you would like to see, and then set the desired time span. Here you can view the statistics of Fx Rebate Service too, and you can also save it.

What payment methods can I choose from?

Payments are going through Skrill, over $500 we offer other payment methods, in this case please contact us on support@fxrebateservice.com.

When will the payment arrive?

You can request for payments 1st and 15th calendar days after each completed month/period. If you wish, you may request the full accumulated amount to be paid. The amount credited for the current month/period can be consulted only after the closure of the reference month/period. Payments take place every month between the 5th and 10th also the 20th and 25th. If you want, you can modify the requested amount. Please let us know about the modified amount by e-mail. Then we cancel your payment request received earlier, and you can re-apply for the payment of the new amount on fxrebateservice.com’s website. Payment can be requested every month between the 1st and 5th also the 15th and 20th as part of our new promotion.

Is it possible to connect to referral programs?

Currently it is not possible to join fxrebateservice.com as a partner. But in the future we may create ways to offer possibilities for this type of cooperation.

How can I get in touch with you?

You can choose between two options: send us an email to support@fxrebateservice.com or you can contact us throughthe website in "Contact" menu. Whichever option you choose, our colleague will contact you within 24 hours.